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"Fallout" new old/old new drawings by Padilla and Alvarez

new old/old new drawings 

Alejandro Augustine Padilla

Albrechto Alvarez

Opens Thursday, August 15, 8-11 pm at Studio Fantomas (1101 Woodlawn, San Antonio, TX).


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Ever wonder what the letter in Diego Rivera’s mural at the Detroit Institute of Arts says?

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"ALGORITHM" Works by David Berrones

PLAZMO contemporary is proud to present a new exhibition by David Berrones. Berrones presents a series of works that reflect a specific understanding of the world as strange and disjointed. Berrones refers to Algorithm as,”a fragmented and mediated experience of the world around us”. Created are appropriated visual narratives shaped by interest in historical symbolisms and popular icons, as well as outsider art and Rock music. In the stream-of-consciousness storytelling inspired by dreams and rooted in real life experiences, ideas of loneliness, relationships, vice, life, death, self-destructive behavior and humanities idiosyncrasies are explored.

Algorithm examines the subversive force of images cut with a hint of antics and the macabre. Influenced by Conceptualism, Pop-Art and Surrealism, we see references to Rauschenberg, Warhol, Banksy and Dali. Berrones employs and stresses the subconscious, exploiting chance effects and unexpected juxtapositions. He states, “I am fascinated by what happens when you bring disparate images together and create new unexpected meanings.” Our world itself being sinister and silly, is now madly reconfigured and shown with an undertow heavy with cynicism. Algorithm integrates appropriation with original elements in the form of collage, creating a fresh and new Pop-inflected, dialectic visual experience.

David Berrones is a Laredo based artist and local H.S. Art teacher. He attended United H.S., Laredo Community College and received a BFA in Studio Art from Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi with an Emphasis in Painting and Sculpture. Over the last few years, he has experimented with various media and now commands his creative talent and artistic style. Berrones’ work focuses on narrated parts of intrinsic human nature, as well as the labour intensive process required of this work.

"ALGORITHM" Works by David Berrones opens Thursday, August 15 from 8-11 pm at PLAZMO Contemporary located at 1101 West Woodlawn, San Antonio, Texas. 

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Blick Acquires Utrecht Art Supplies

Art supply consolidation alert! Blick Art Materials has acquired Utrecht Art Suppliesfrom private…

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Calvin: If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently.

Hobbes: How so?

Calvin: Well, when you look into infinity, you realize that there are more important things than what people do all day.

This may be my most favourite thing I’ve ever seen on Tumblr.

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ARThropods by Emilio Garcia

Part of the Tokyoplastic x Emilio Garcia exhibit at Toy Art Gallery, LA. March 2013, bringing Emilio’s freakishly big-brained insectoids to metallic life.

Artist: Flickr / Website / Facebook (photos by notcot)

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